Leaking Shower Repair

Shower Leaking Repairs Gold Coast

Got a leaking shower? Leaks in showers can be caused by a wide range of factors. Shower leaks also can cause a range of problems such as mould, dry rot, pest infections and structural problems if shower repairs and bathroom leak repairs are not performed. These problems can be even more expensive to deal with so it is advisable to fix a leaking shower once you first notice signs of a leak.


Fortunately, we offer professional shower leak repair services to residents on the Gold Coast. These services, in addition to our shower repair and bathroom leak repair services, can address the root cause of your leaking shower and provide a lasting solution to the problem.


Fixing a leaking shower typically requires a thorough inspection of your shower area to identify the source of the leak. From there, our shower leak repair team will recommend the appropriate method of repair which could include courses of action such as re-grouting, re-tiling, or applying a waterproofing membrane.


At Elite Shower Solutions, we offer comprehensive shower leak repair services to homeowners on the Gold Coast. Our team of experienced technicians can identify and fix a myriad of issues relating to leaking showers whether the issue is big or small. For instance, our team can perform repair services for showers leaking through a wall and can perform minor shower repairs which may involve simply replacing a faulty shower faucet. Our team can also perform general bathroom leak repairs to ensure your shower and bathroom is leak-free and fully functional. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and get your leaking shower repaired.

We at Elite Shower Solutions provide fast and cost-effective solutions for leaking shower repair. If you notice any signs of a leak, you should get in touch with us right away.

Benefits of Shower Repairs By Elite Shower Solutions

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Water stains on your ceiling 
  • Water dripping from your ceiling 
  • Cracked, crumbling, or eroded grout 
  • Water pooling outside the shower area 
  • Water emerging from the shower enclosure’s walls 
  • Bubbling, flaking, or mould growth on painted walls 
  • Discolored or chipped grout 
  • Pest infestations including termites which are a sign of high moisture levels 
  • Musty smells in the bathroom 
  • Yes. We at Elite Shower Solutions provide effective and efficient leaking shower repair services. Due to the sophistication of our bathroom leak repair solutions, you won’t have to incur the inconvenience of the unnecessary expense of removing and replacing tiles in your shower and bathroom. Our solutions will save you time and money with shower repairs. You’ll also get to preserve your original tiles. 

Two methods that we commonly use to fix leaking showers without removing the tiles include applying a waterproofing membrane to the shower area or applying a waterproof sealant to fill in any cracks or gaps in the shower’s grout or tile. The application of a waterproofing membrane is generally the preferred method of our shower leak repairs team when we have to perform significant repairs to remedy the issues caused by the leaky shower. We use a waterproof sealant to fix a leaking shower where we may only need to fill in a couple of minor cracks or gaps that have emerged over time.

Our team not only strives to provide our clients with cost-efficient and effective solutions but also to give our clients the best possible experience. Our shower waterproofing process minimizes the occurrence of a mess. Our team will also clean up once they’re done fixing your leaking shower.

Our team works quickly and will not remove any tiles. We work to ensure that any disruption caused by our shower leak repair services is minimal and non-intrusive insofar as this is possible. You’ll be able to use your shower the very next day. 

The length of time taken for leaking shower repair varies depending on the underlying cause of the leak and the extent of the damage. We strive to provide efficient services with minimal disruptions to your day-to-day activities. Our team of shower leak repair and general bathroom leak repair experts will work to provide you with the most effective solution and apply it in the shortest possible timeframe. A standard repair can take anywhere from 2 to 5 hours to repair. We will work efficiently and ensure that you will be able to use your shower the next day.